A lot of developer communities have been born for months with the idea of ​​joining, learning, sharing and ultimately growing. With so much knowledge offer, under the talks of each group, the need to manage all the groups in a coordinated manner began to emerge. Hence the VigoTech Alliance, a group of groups, or a target group, whose main purpose is to add the strength of each of the groups that comprise it: Agile Vigo, Codesign Project, GDG Vigo, JoomlaVigo, JavascriptVigo, PHPVigo, PythonVigo SysAdminGalicia , VigoJUG and last but not least VigoLabs.

From its first steps, we participated with great emotion in this project that seeks to boost the sector in Vigo, designing its corporate image.

The visual identity of the VigoTech Alliance graphically synthesizes concepts such as the city to which it belongs, assuming the colour red, which is part of the flag of the city of Vigo.

Technology is also represented in the word TECH and more specifically in its letter E, which modified stays in three parallel lines that symbolize the different technological layers that can interact in a technological project.

Finally, the main reason for the creation of this project: the union of professionals from the technology sector and the area of ​​influence of Vigo, for development, research, training and cooperation. That is, "make pineapple" to move forward as a collective what as an individual is very difficult. In this line, the pineapple pine element, we symbolize that union and integrating it into the word Vigo, we reinforce the idea of ​​the area to which it belongs.

You can find the whole project published in the GitHub repository.

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